Sucessful Ph.D thesis defense of Dr. Runzhang Xu

Congratulations to the successful thesis defense and graduation of the first Ph.D student, Dr. Runzhang Xu, in our group. His Ph.D thesis is titled with "Computational Research on Two-Dimensional Magnetic Materials for Spintronics Applications" and mainly focuses on the magnetism of 2D materials and the magnetic phase transition under external stimuli (e.g. temperature, electric field, and hydrostatic pressure). The defense committee includes Prof. Jiawei Mei, Prof. Xiaolong Zou, Prof. Junqiao Wu, Prof. Hui-Ming Cheng, Prof. Feiyu Kang, and Prof. Bilu Liu (from left to right).

Acceptance of Dr. Shuqing Zhang's review article by Nanoscale

Congratulations to the acceptance of Dr. Shuqing Zhang's review article titled with "Two-Dimensional Magnetic Materials: Structures, Properties and External Controls" by Nanoscale (

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